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samedi 26 mars 2011, à 11:00 - dimanche 27 mars 2011, à 18:00

Lieu Centre Choregraphique de Toulouse
5 rue matabiau
Toulouse, France

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Mança Pavli
Tribal Style Bellydance ( Rachel Brice asistant & Suhaila Salimpour's oriental dance technique )
3 exclusives WORKSHOP in France :

26 March

Fusion Infusion – Bellydance Breakbeats workshop

This workshop is for all of you, who are longing to get an infusion of the modern vision of belly dance. Modern beats mixed with funky moves and combos will get your inspiration juices flowing. We will be discovering the influences from different dance styles and other fusion stylizations – hip hop, flamenco, jazz, electric boogie etc...
The workshop will start with a whole-body warm up and continue with breaking down isolations and movements. You’ll learn a couple of fun, exciting and funky combinations to add to your repertoire.

Tribal Fusion – combinations and layering

In this workshop, Suhaila Salimpour technique of dance will first be introduced - it will serve as a core technique for layering. Layering is a revolutionary approach which will change the way you look at belly dance movements. Precision and playing with different timings and rhythms is a great way to expand you repertoire, push your limits and have fun. We'll also cover different Tribal Fusion combinations which you can use as a part of your improvisation or choreography.

27 March

Elegant? Yes please!

Immerse yourself in music and discover the elegant, smooth taste of Tribal Fusion! This workshop will be all about elegant movements, focusing especially on arms and beautiful poses. Also, we will cover back bending and some slow moves, which are tipical for the Tribal stylization. We'll also cover short combinations which you can use as a part of your improvisation or choreography.

40 euros = 1 workshop
70 euros = 2 workshop
95 euros = 3 workshop

reservation : nous contacter

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